Thursday, April 1, 2010

Along Came a Spider . . . .

Image copyright Wings, 2010. All rights reserved.

No April Fool's posts here. Life has been too much of a cosmic joke lately for me to tempt the fates.

However, in a nod to the spirit of the day, I will dedicate this post to a traditional trickster: Spider. To the Lakota, Iktomi. To us, less a trickster: a powerful female spirit, it was Spider Woman who gave us the dreamcatcher to help heal our people. Grandmother Spider in many traditions; in some, gatekeeper to the underworld.

This is one of Wings's newer pieces: hand-cut and -shaped, with hand-stamped circles giving texture to her eight legs. Her body is a beautifully-marbled piece of apple coral; her head, a cabochon of crazy lace agate in a nearly amethyst purple with a delicate dove-gray matrix

$875 in the Bracelets Gallery of his Web site.