Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from the ground blizzard. Please give to some folks who need us now, via the first link below.

Photo copyright Aji, 2016; all rights reserved.

I'm doing this as much from habit as anything right now; at this point, my brain and memory so dependent on routine that if I skip a day, I'll knock my entire schedule completely out of whack.

First, though, go here:

Share. Give if you can, any amount. Lin and Laura need us in a way that most people fortunately don't have to experience so profoundly. This is day dedicated to the spirit of giving, so let's give them a little peace of mind.

In terms of priorities, we're way down the list from them right now. Shares are still useful, though:

  • Shares of our YouCaring page via the widgets provided, especially the widget code, which has once again been moved back to the purple box at the lower right-hand side of the page, that produces the image shown just above.
  • Shares of Wings's site; sales also fund the construction (indeed, they are the baseline for it). Testimonials help.
  • As I alluded to above, I've added Lowes gift cards to our Amazon wishlist. No, there's no Lowes here in Taos, but there's one an hour-plus away in EspaƱola. Less obnoxious (and less expensive, and less far away) than Home Depot, and an actual selection and discount pricing that are not available here in town. It's by far the most cost-efficient way for us to buy the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, which we're going to have to do very soon so that they can complete the plumbing rough-in and our crew can get to those rooms, and other materials like flooring.
Thank you to everyone who has gotten us this far this year. If you celebrate, may today be both merry and blessed; if you don't, may it simply be a beautiful and equally blessed winter's day for you. Happy Holidays from the middle of the ground blizzard here.

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