Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday night share request, drywall edition.

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Upstairs. Master bedroom ceiling. More drywall tomorrow.

The plumbers came to begin the rough-in. Completely disregarding our repeated and constant instructions to give us advance notice of anything that will cost us extra money and time (our time), they apparently thought we could be stampeded into changing plan and dropping a bunch of extra cash on fixtures today.

They thought wrong.

And as this was toward the end of a very, very fraught day, one in which I was unable to do my own work, but spent a lot of time out in the cold doing other stuff, they got an earful.

I have never yelled over this house project, not once in all these months. We all have our breaking points.

And I'm at the end of my rope tonight, so I'm duplicating everything again. Still have this stupid cough; storm in the offing, due to arrive tomorrow; my joints are screaming at me. So here goes:
  • Shares of Wings's site; sales are way, way down this holiday season, and this is the time of year that usually gets us (mostly) through the long harsh winters. This year, it's also funding construction. Testimonials help.
  • If you're considering commissioning holiday gifts by Wings, now's the time to contact me so I can get your order into his workbench queue.
  • One last thing: I mentioned above that the plumbers are coming, and bathroom-fixture purchases are in the offing. To that end, I've added Lowes gift cards to our Amazon wishlist. No, there's no Lowes here in Taos, but there's one an hour-plus away in Española. Less obnoxious than Home Depot, and an actual selection and discount pricing that are not available here in town. It's by far the most cost-efficient way for us to buy the fixtures and appliances and sundry other items needed to make a house habitable.
Thanks to everyone for your help thus far. We are going to need to push through this, hard, fast, and and consistently. Winter is here: Snow, ice, bitter cold, and a septic system that freezes nightly because it was misinstalled all those years ago. More snow on the way in a couple of days, and single-digit nights in between. Please give us a hand with consistent daily shares to a wide audience.

Also, for the record, I'm supporting exactly three efforts right now: Oursmy s-i-l'sLin's. Dassit. Not endorsing anything else, even if I have in the past.

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