Monday, November 21, 2016

Massive weather, interior framework, and racing the clock. New match coming Friday. Shares needed.

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It's been pouring off and on since last night. Right now, it's torrential, and it's been so dry that the water has nowhere to go: We have rivers running along the land right outside. It's down nearly to freezing now, and this is only the leading edge of a truly massive storm system. If the current pattern holds, it'll become snow and ice overnight, and the roads will be an absolutely mess tomorrow.

The guys were only able to do exterior work briefly this morning (during a lull between passing storm cells). It's too dangerous for them to be up on the scaffolds in bad weather. So for most of the day, they began blocking out the framework on the upstairs interior. What you see there is the master bath in the foreground, and further back at the right is the closet of the master bedroom. Once again, the local hardware store/lumberyard sent a bunch of defective lumber, so they're going to have to return a lot of it tomorrow, because we are absolutely not paying for warped wood. There are times when some folks make it really, really hard to keep business local. [Also, this local practice of closing on Mondays by some businesses makes work really difficult, something that stymied another task today that I really, really needed to get done. I'm now pushed back several days as a result, and I needed to be done with it and have this off my plate by Wednesday morning.]

Anyway. We both got absolutely soaked while running errands, and doing chores when we got home. Not what we need, since we're both still sick, but it is what it is. Wings is, fortunately, resting now, and I'm hoping I can get a jump on at least a little of my work for tomorrow, which promises to be even busier than my average Tuesday (and it's invariably my worst day of the week). The electric space heaters are going, the leaks in this place are already there but at least they're minimal for now, and the dogs are indoors and drying out.

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, we'll be getting hold of Jason to make a relatively hefty payment toward the balance due on the windows and doors, thanks to the match from last week and a sale. From here on, it's going to be a constant push, because we're nearly out of time and we have to raise a lot in a very short period of time to get the house closed in and the septic system installed before real winter grinds everything to a halt.

So. We need continued daily shares of our YouCaring page via the widgets provided, especially the widget code at lower right that produces this running tally:

We also need equally consistent shares of Wings's site, since this is normally the season that keeps us alive through the long harsh winter months. This year, in addition to everyday expenses, it's also funding the construction, and we've got a lot yet to fund. Folks who are thinking about commissioning holiday gifts should also get hold of me now, so that I can make sure that your order gets into the queue on Wings's workbench in time to ensure design, execution, and delivery for the holidays.

Many thanks to everyone for helping us get this far. We have a lot of small stages built into this one so-called "final" stage, and I have to push us through them come rain or snow, hell or high water. On Friday, we'll have a new anonymous match to announce, too. Please help us push through to the end of this process by continuing to share the links daily.

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