Friday, November 18, 2016

Winter! Only $321 away from a $1,000 match! Shares needed.

Okay, so we both overdid it today. That's what happens when you get this kind of long-term bug, but you have to keep working anyway. And I'm still way, way behind.

The crew was off today, and won't be back until Monday. It'll be a short week for them next week, because of Thanksgiving, so they (and we ) will have a lot to get done in three days.

We also have a lot left to raise, because it's now an all-out race against the weather. Yesterday's windstorm brought us snow flurries, ice, and a drastic drop in temperatures, but the weekend will be warmish again (yeah, just what we need while we're both trying to shake this thing, but I digress). Then we're supposed to get snow Monday and Tuesday, which means that next week may see an even shorter workweek than we're already anticipating.

So we still need consistent shares of our YouCaring page via the widgets provided, especially the widget code at lower right that gives you the image shown above. We also need equally consistent shares of Wings's site, which pays the bills AND helps fund the construction. Folks planning to commission holiday gifts should contact me ASAP, so that I can get your orders in front of him in his workbench queue; from now to Christmas, he'll be spending most days in his studio. And kishik has posted a diary for us at the GOS, so please go T&R and share the link: We only need to raise another $321 to meet a $1,000 anonymous match!

Many thanks to everyone for your help in getting us to this point. This "final stage" comprising many smaller stages is going to be a difficult one, and we need to mount an all-out effort to get it done. Wings and I will be scarce in the weeks to come, trying to do this and get his orders filled and deal with family stuff and hopefully kick this bug once and for all, so thanks in advance for bearing with us.

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