Friday, November 25, 2016

Running out of time; snow tomorrow night. $1K match on offer. Shares very much needed.

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Yes, that's snow in the foreground at left. It's gone now, but there's more on the way, starting tomorrow night. For now, it's clear, but also very cold.

We're running out of time.

There's a $1,000 anonymous match on offer as of today; if we raise $1,000, it will instantly double to $2,000. That will go a long way toward paying the balance on the glass and getting the plastering under way. GreyHawk has a diary about it up at the GOS for us; please go T&R and share it.

Please also share the link to our YouCaring page via the widgets provided under the "Other Ways to Help" link just above the list of supporters, especially the widget code that appears second, which will give you the image of this running tally:

Today is Black Friday, and a lot of you will be taking advantage of the attendant sales to buy holiday gifts. It's also Native American Heritage Day, so please consider using your market power today to support Native businesses like ours. At a minimum, please share Wings's site, which pays the bills and helps fund construction, and if you're the proud owner of some of his work, please send me a testimonial that I can post on the site. And if you're considering holiday commissions (remember, even if an item has sold, he can make a version uniquely your own), now is the time to contact me to finalize your order and get in the queue on his workbench in order to ensure pre-holiday delivery.

I have to be out part of the day today; I tried taking care of certain errands earlier in the week, only to be stymied by unexpected closures. We are also both going to be engaged in an all-out push to raise the funds needed to close the house and get it habitable before the winter weather gets really bad. And, of course, on Monday, I'll be posting on behalf of someone whose circumstances are more exigent than ours. Many thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far; please help us push through what remains, and also help us help someone else next week.

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