Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Last(-ish) window; rewiring commencing; colicky horse. Shares needed.

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The last window is in, although it's now technically second-to-last; a change of plan upstairs created a dim little hall where there was none, so we're going to put an inexpensive porthole window in there to bring in some natural light.

The rewiring commenced today. I'm now under the gun on a bunch of things, light fixtures, other fixtures, stuff to be ordered and built and arranged and scheduled. The scaffolds issue has been resolved, despite a brazen attempt at fuckery by someone not their owner. 

Did I mention that Cree colicked today?

Supposedly more snow tomorrow. It hit 47 yesterday, and the whole world here is mud, so snow would be welcome. So would a few more hours in the day, but apparently that's a no-go, so I'll have to settle for snow, if we get it. Speaking of fuckery, the mountain is pissed, and so the storms are going around this area. Might be a heavy avalanche season this year.

This wiring this has set us back. A lot. We need shares, and yes, I'm too beat for anything more than cut-and-paste, so here it is:

Still, before you share our links, please go share Laura's. Lin's spirit is where the water meets the light, but Laura will still need our help for a while. Please T/R/share/donate to her fund if you can. Especially that last. It's needed.

Thanks, everyone.

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