Thursday, January 19, 2017

The storm is here (and the cash outlay is ridiculous). Shares badly needed.

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Ohmigod, that's a hell of a lot of money.

But the plumbing is essentially done. They even vented it up on the roof today. There are a few things remaining to be completed, mostly stuff that goes in after the tile, etc. Carlos also got most of the greenboard up in the upstairs bath today, and the interior wiring will be complete Sunday (they say; I ain't holding my breath). Then the exterior wiring has to be corrected.

We have laid out an absolutely unholy amount of cash this week. I mean, yes, that's what we've had it in reserve for, but still . . . and the extra $5K+ for the wiring was not what we had it budgeted for; that was supposed to be going to shower bases and plasterwork and flooring and so forth. 

No one's coming over tomorrow, at least as far as I know, and for the first time since, essentially, the first of the year, we will have a day "off," by which I man to ourselves, because it sure as hell won't involve any lessening of the workload. Still dealing with Cree, and while Shade's right hind seems to have healed, she was lamed up this morning on the right front, which is the founder issue flaring up again. We spent most of the afternoon dealing with her, and it was your average nightmare, because she is not a horse that is cooperative when she's in any kind of pain. And it's not done yet. It may involve a vet visit and sedation to get this done. [Sigh] which means more money. There's just no keeping pace with it all, much less getting ahead of it. And we still cannot get down to Lowe's, because now we've got a winter storm here that's supposed to run through most of the weekend and resume again with the workweek.

I'm juggling as best I can, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. And what with the amount we're paying out right now on the house, there won't be enough other resources all too soon, either. So we need shares badly:
  • Shares of our YouCaring page via the widgets provided, especially the widget code, which has once again been moved back to the purple box at the lower right-hand side of the page, that produces the image shown just above:
  • Shares of Wings's site; sales also fund the construction (indeed, they are the baseline for it). Testimonials help (yes, I know I have a couple to add; I couldn't even find five spare minutes to brush my teeth this morning, that's how absurd the pace is here right now).
  • I've added Lowes gift cards to our Amazon wishlist. Those will really, really help with materials costs from this point forward.
Still, before you share our links, please go share Laura's. Lin's spirit is where the water meets the light, but Laura will still need our help for a while. Please T/R/share/donate to her fund if you can. Especially that last. It's needed.

Thanks, everyone.

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