Saturday, April 12, 2014

So here's where I ask you to spread word of the show itself.

Yes, we made our goal, thanks to a little [lot of] help from our friends, here and elsewhere. And, yes, people can still contribute, if they're so inclined.

But what I'd like now is for folks to spread the word about the show itself. This is really a big deal for Wings, of course, but as our friend Grey Hawk noted in his diary yesterday, it's also very important from a cultural standpoint. This gives us an opportunity to reach a whole new audience in one of the nation's important cultural centers and introduce them to Native art in a way they've likely never envisioned. I'd love to see the show itself be a huge success for the Cocteau, so that there'll be future such opportunities for Native artists, not only there but in similar venues around the country.

You can read more about the show in detail here. You can read the venue's official announcement here. And if you know anyone inclined to kick in a few bucks, you can send them to Wings's GoFundMe page here, or hit the PayPal button above. 

Most of all, please spread the word: "Like," "Share," "Tweet," e-mail, republish, cross-post, and tell your friends. Let's rock this exhibition!

Chi miigwech.

Photo copyright Wings, 2014; all rights reserved.

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  1. Well, I don't do social media, but I put a link to your post in the New Day thread this morning, so hopefully it will help spread the word. :-) Hugs & Love to you both.