Thursday, February 23, 2017

Priming almost done; color next. Huge costs upcoming. Shares badly needed.

The priming is never going to end.

I exaggerate; we should be done with it tomorrow. Wings took care of the scary stairwell bits that my balance isn't sure enough to handle today; he's got roughly one wall in the spare bedroom to finish, and I've got edging to do in the stairwell, open area, and spare room. Then I can get to the second color coat in the bathroom while the primer dries.

I'm beat. It's been a horrible day, for too many reasons to recount, although I will just note the unpleasantness that accompanies a 20-degree drop in temperature AND 40-mph sustained winds. We had to set up a space heater halfway through, and I'm still chilled.

I'm also getting worried about our ability to finish the job. There's too much left to be done, starting with the downstairs lath work and plaster. The labor costs aren't going anywhere; there's no way around that. But the materials costs are skyrocketing now, because the flooring and other fixtures and cabinetry and so forth are each their own small fortune, plus there's that damned septic system that got pre-empted by the need to rip out the wiring and redo it. It's still not topped out, either.

We desperately need to make sales, and we need shares:
  • Shares of our YouCaring page via the widgets provided, especially the widget code, which has once again been moved back to the purple box at the lower right-hand side of the page, that produces the image shown just above.
  • Shares of Wings's site; sales also fund the construction (indeed, they are the baseline for it). Testimonials help.
  • I've added Lowe's gift cards to our Amazon wishlist. We're having to spring for lumber, lath, and plaster material locally. The rest of what makes it habitable — flooring, paint, appliances, etc. — are coming from Lowe's, which is giving us the best selection and price, and therefore best bang for our buck, but it's still a lot. A LOT. And so one of the best, most immediate ways to help at this point is with Lowe's gift cards. I have three separate denominations posted on the wishlist, but cards in any amount whatsoever are useful; they all go into the same pool. We're going to have to take care of the flooring very, very soon.
Still, before you share our links, please go share Laura's. Lin's spirit is where the water meets the light, but Laura will still need our help for a while. Please T/R/share/donate to her fund if you can. Especially that last. It's needed.

In the meantime, please also take a moment to share the links above.

Thanks, everyone.

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