Monday, July 18, 2016

Cement Mixers, Scaffolds, Watermelons, and Getting to Stage III

Photo copyright Aji, 2016; all rights reserved.

Last night, Wings's brother-in-law dropped off what you see above: a cement mixer, and a set of scaffolds. The crew will be using both this week, in what will be several days of very hot, dusty, dirty labor, given the forecast.

The cinder block is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Another load from the gravel company, a specific mix, should arrive today around 4:00 PM. Things are about to start moving much faster than we can keep pace with financially at this point.

We need to pay the deposit to the electrician, and the next round to the plumber. Speaking of the plumber, he and his son (who is also his business partner) showed up at 8:30 this morning on their way up to a job in El Salto, with a gift:

Photo copyright Aji, 2016; all rights reserved.
Senior is from Mexico, and he was making a trip home last week for personal reasons. He had told us that the best watermelons came from Mexico, and so he promised to bring one back from his farm for us. This is it, and yes, it really is that huge.

But we need to pay them the next round, and the electrician, and we have to start buying fixtures and windows and vigas. I need to be able to launch Stage III of our fundraiser — like, tomorrow — and so I need to be able to close out Stage II ASAP. That means we need to raise another $2K, preferably by the end of the day if at all possible.

So please, keep sharing the link to our YouCaring page. Please go to the page itself and use the widgets on it, so that it posts the caption; please also scroll down to the lower right-hand corner and grab the code from the purple box, which will give you this auto-updating image:

If you've got a couple of bucks to throw in the kitty, that's welcome, too. 

Thanks to everyone for all your help thus far; we're profoundly grateful. And now, I'm back at it after another sleepless night, and will be offline likely the vast majority of the day. I'll check in as I get a minute here and there.

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