Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Indigenous Arts: The Touch of the Spirits

Photo copyright Wings, 2016; all rights reserved.

Now posted at The NDN Silver Blog, it's our first July entry in our series on Indigenous Arts, with a look at the touch of the spirits. I refer, of course, to feathers and the role they play in various creative genres. Today's post is also dedicated to one of Wings's friends, a towering talent as a feather and beadwork artist and a good man: Mitchell Boyiddle, who we just learned walked on some years ago.

The post is here. Wings's main page is here. Inquiries via the site's Contact form. And, as always, sales are much needed (especially now, with an easy five grand going out the door first thing tomorrow on the house, and yes, I will have photos), so shares of the site links are much appreciated.

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