Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stage II, at the two-thirds mark. Much more to go, starting Monday.

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As of late last night, Stage II of our effort to build a home is two-thirds funded.

It's fabulous news, but of course the outlays are now constant. In about thirty-six hours, we'll be paying the materials deposit for the plumbing work, ordering the pallets of adobe brick, and paying for the concrete and cinder block other materials for the foundation and footing, which our builder expects will be put in on Monday. He thinks that they may be ready by Wednesday to begin the adobe walls.

We need to order windows, and soon.

I never in a million years would have thought that, two work days into it, we'd be at this point already, but here we are. 

I really, really want to close out this stage of the overall fundraising effort this week. Doing so will permit us to take care of the plumbing costs for the roughing-in stage. Then we can turn our attention to . . . yep, the windows. And a thousand other things. We still need to raise roughly 33% of goal to close this one out; that's about $5K.

So please keep sharing our YouCaring page. Please use the widgets on the page itself; you can use them to share it every day. Here's what the widget box will give you:

If you're inclined to kick in a little, that's great, too. And much gratitude to everyone who has given this far; we're both humbled by your generosity, and by all the other help and moral support you've given us.

Thanks, everybody.

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