Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Work Resumes Monday — Please Share

So much to do. So far behind.

We have not really had a moment's rest this week, despite putting the crew on hiatus until Monday. I don't expect that to change between now and then, either. This business of trying to build a house is a full-time job, wholly apart from the multiple other "full-time jobs" we both maintain to keep Wings's work and this place going. I was awake at 4:30 this morning, unable to sleep . . . and without coffee, since the coffeemaker died last night (yes, we replaced it today; I'm still dragging).

One of my s-i-l's horses, four of whom we're hosting in the next field, is pregnant. That will entail quite a bit more in the months to come. Then there is Spice the miracle chicken, who has to be kept segregated now from the rest of the flock (they have turned on her), and whose apartment (otherwise known as a dane crate) was flattened the other day by 50 bales of hay tumbling down on top of it. A minute later, and I would've been under it, too. She somehow escaped through the smashed crate completely unscathed.

And we're still juggling everything for Monday, when work resumes on the house. Another load of fill, the grader and tamper, the electrical wiring laid in, and the slab poured. Then the adobes, framing and beams, and windows. Oh, and labor [slightly hysterical laughter]. No, I have no idea how we'll pay for it all. All I can do is take each item, each job, each day as it comes, and work my ass off and hope for the best. Even after a pair of nasty falls last week (autoimmune-related), work resumes on Monday regardless, and my own work increases with it.

Part of that work means swallowing my pride daily and asking people to share the link to our YouCaring page. Please go to the page itself, share via the widgets there, and post the widget code from the box in the lower right-hand corner. Please share the link to Wings's site, too: sales of just a few of his masterworks, the concha belt, a few of the big necklaces, and we'd be covered for the walls and windows. 

Thanks to everyone who's given us a hand to this point. I'm hoping to get several orders shipped tomorrow (I haven't even been able to get away from this place for days now), and get to some thank-yous, as well. And maybe some gardening? Nah, probably not. 

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