Sunday, July 10, 2016

Water. And Walls. Soon.

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This is, I think, my favorite thing thus far: the water hook-up for the house.

It's live.

It won't play a significant role for a while yet, but it's already in there. It seems odd that something so small and flexible and even fragile-looking could provide water to the whole house, but there it is. Considering the problems we've had in this tin can with running water, this is nothing short of miraculous to me.

Today began with a call with our builder, strategizing for the week. Things will begin bright and early tomorrow, although not at quite the same pace as he'd predicted, which seems to me more normal, frankly. Delays are what I've come to expect, not the efficiency of the two work days thus far. Still, the delays are minuscule: Tomorrow will be the spreading of the final loads of base course, along with the rental of the equipment needed to tamp it down solidly. As things stand now, they'll bring the backhoe in on Tuesday to dig for the foundation, and the monopour will likely commence on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, tomorrow we'll pay the deposit on the plumbing rough-in, and he'll order the pallets of adobes. The walls are going up very soon. I've already been instructed to begin thinking about the stairs, and the tile, and all of the interior details that will need deciding.
 And we need to order windows. I have no feel yet for how outrageous a price tag that will carry; I only know that, like the plumbing, it will be huge.

So. Shares. Please. We need everyone to keep doing this. you never know who will see it and feel inclined to kick in a little. Or a lot. So please spread the link to our YouCaring page around as liberally as possible. Please use the widgets on the page (and every other way you can think of to do it, frankly). The one in the box at the lower right-hand corner gets you this lovely little auto-updating graphic:

I have about two thousand tasks on my to-do list for this week alone, but I hope to get to personalized thank-yous in the next couple of days. In the meantime, please know that both of us are profoundly grateful for the donations, recs, shares, tweets, purchases from our Amazon wish list, and plain old moral support, which is allowing me to believe that we might actually have some faint hope of pulling this off. At the moment, we need to raise another $5K to close out this stage; can we do it by the end of the week?

As a thank-you for tomorrow's shares, I'll have some new photos tomorrow night to show what progress they've made over the course of the day.

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  1. Good windows mean no drafts from the cold!! They keep the wind out! :-)