Sunday, May 14, 2017

Is this day done yet?

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Well, I knocked myself out trying to get stuff done before the plaster crew got here, and then they didn't show up until their usual time anyway. Of course, the tone for the day was already set by that point, since when I went outside, the horses were out. Again. Apparently Shade has learned to lift the bolt, so, like a belt-and-suspenders approach to pants, it's a bolt-and chain approach to pens now.

The guys made some progress despite it being a short day, getting the kitchen done save for the main back (north) wall. They'll be back next weekend to do that, the small bath, the utility room, and the areas around the vigas throughout.
We did get the truck back yesterday, thank all that's holy, and it was not so much as one cent over the original estimate, but the next thing is tie rods, so there'll be more to come. For tomorrow, it's the horses' annual floating (which in practice is more a biennial, although this time it's three years gone), so I'll be standing out there holding half-ton beasts tomorrow.

Which means more work for me tonight, especially given the week that's head (especially tomorrow and Friday, both of which are crammed). So, as seems to be the usual lately, the rest of this is mostly cut-and-paste. As I've said previously, there's one caveat WRT to the Lowe's cards: They can be purchased in any denomination, I believe (I think the site said $10 to $2,000). I had to select denominations, though, for the wish list, which is why they're what they are, but people can always change it to a lesser amount. It all goes toward the interior work. Anyway, links are here:
We're okay at the moment on [the cash] front (although how long that will last is anybody's guess, given that we're in the final and by far the most expensive stages). So as I said last night, right now, the best ways to help are as follows: by sharing the link to Wings's site (preferably with a testimonial, if you have some of his work), because sales are gonna keep this thing rolling; and sharing the link to our wishlist (which badly needs updating), with an emphasis on the Lowe's gift cards, because those are what will help us pay for all the stuff that will make this place liveable, like a water heater and flooring and so forth.
I'm given to understand that Karen has made, or mostly made, her moving expenses goal, and that Lauralee has gotten a reprieve from the court. I'll relink their fundraisers when their respective next stages occur.
This day is typically one of the worst of the year for me, for too many reasons, and this day has been no exception. I finally wrote a few of the nearer-but-still-safer demons out elsewhere in Motherhood:  A Play In Three Acts (no, it's not a play). There is an order, as that implies: Act I; Act II; Act III. As always, they come with the usual TW, and nobody feeling vulnerable should go there. It's one thing to be damaged, and also to know how you got that way; it's another to be thrown back into the wreckage by someone else's.

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