Thursday, May 4, 2017

Time wasted. Time to regroup. Time to fight.

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Well, this has certainly been a day for some primal scream therapy.

Apart from the murderous politics on display, things didn't go especially smoothly here, either. I have a theory as to why that would be the case, but suffice to say that the completely natural result was that the bid meeting do not go well. The guy showed up a whole hour early when we were both tied up with other things, copped an attitude with Wings, then apparently went INTO the house without permission, where Wings found him looking around, and then he made snide comments about Sherm's work (which everyone agrees is outstanding). He wasn't supposed to be inside for any reason; his bid was to be strictly for the outside. He then tendered a bid for $15K, which is almost twice as much as one and almost three times as much as the other that we've already been given.

I think it's safe to say he was wasting all our time.

There's absolutely no way we can put $15K into plastering the exterior. That's out. So it'll be someone else; we have two potentials lined up, and it will be a matter of details, assessment, and then choosing between them. Even so, it will be a big hit, and that means that we have less breathing room than I expected to have right now.

Still. Right now, Lauralee needs help far more immediately, so please share her page and give her a hand if you can. For us, sharing the link to our wishlist (which badly needs updating), with an emphasis on the Lowe's gift cards, is far and away the best way to help us right now.

And I am beat, way late with a lot of other work, and have, potentially, a long night of it ahead of me, so I need to get to it. Tomorrow has to be spent on all the painting I couldn't do today. Many thanks and much love to everyone, and in light of today's developments: It's time to fight.

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