Friday, May 19, 2017

Isn't this week over yet? Shares needed.

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.
Wall tile is in place; grout and then floor tile next week. 
Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.
We have to pick up new grout locally tomorrow, because they refuse to use the Lowe's stuff, so . . . ::shrug:: this has been my whole week. I'm on Day 3 of a monster migraine; on Day 4 of a subluxed right hand (and yes, I'm right-handed); I'm getting grief from my camera, laptop, and external drives; and my last pair of jeans that fit me just more or less dissolved in the laundry, and I'm just fed up to my eyeballs with the weather, my body, and everything. Links are here:
We're okay for a little while longer in terms of cash flow, but that will change all too soon (and soon is  getting nearer by the day; massive payouts this week and next for the two biggest expenses, septic install and exterior plaster). Right now, the best ways to help are as follows: by sharing the link to Wings's site (preferably with a testimonial, if you have some of his work), because sales are gonna keep this thing rolling; and sharing the link to our wishlist (which badly needs updating), with an emphasis on the Lowe's gift cards, because those are what will help us pay for all the stuff that will make this place liveable, like a water heater and flooring and so forth. And if you do want to kick in a few pennies, the PayPal link is here.
I'm given to understand that Karen has made, or mostly made, her moving expenses goal, and that Lauralee has gotten a temporary reprieve from the court. There's another match on for Karen right now, to finish out the moving expenses and, as I understand it, give her a little breathing room for incidentals and maybe a start toward the next phase of what she needs for what I find myself thinking of as her "survival fund." I'm sure Lauralee can also still use the scratch while she makes whatever arrangements can be made for herself, her daughters, and their dog, so her link is here.
Many thanks and much love to everyone. I'm just at my choking point on this week, and pretty much everything else. And I can't even have a drink because migraine, so ::flips off universe:: I'm out. See y'all tomorrow. Maybe.

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