Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another $3K on the wiring mess; fix begins on Friday. I'm buried by everything right now.

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That up there [points at photo] is gonna kill me before it's all over.

No, it doesn't look like that anymore, but it's still not finished, either. The guy who's going to do it stopped by today to look at what it would all entail, and we're looking at just shy of $3 grand, PLUS the materials, so more than $3K by the time we're done. Which wipes us out.

He's going to do the preliminary work on Friday, for $1K down. This is stuff that has to be done before the guys can finish lathing, much less plaster. Then the remaining 2/3 of it will be done (if all goes well) a month or so down the road. It never ends. Not the problems, nor the endless stream of money just to get out of this toxic thing and into safe space finally.

I'm going to have to set up the next YouCaring page probably around the first of the week. Every day between now and then (and next Monday, too) is crammed with appointments and issues and tasks and the thousand and one things I have to get caught up besides, and neither of us is pneumonia-free yet. Fortunately, Wings is finally doing better, able to spend some time in the studio catching up on all the pieces he had in the works before he got so sick. I've got a little further to go yet, but at least I can sometimes carry on a semi-coherent conversation, which wasn't the case a couple of days ago.

At the moment, what we most need are sales. If I could sell his concha belt, maybe one or two other showpieces, we'd be okay into April, and I could be confident of being able to pay the crew through both the interior and exterior plaster, and the electrician besides. Other than that, we're soon going to need materials (flooring, interior doors, kitchen stuff) to begin finishing out the rooms. So even without the new Y/C site, folks can help, a lot, just by sharing the link to Wings's site and the one to the wishlist for the Lowe's cards.

The next five days, at least, are going to be fraught. They'd be problematic even if I were operating at full strength, which I'm nowhere near, and even if my laptop and e-mail were functioning correctly, which they're not. So please just bear with me while I try to catch up. I'm pulled in more directions than anyone knows right now, dealing with some major stressors, and back to trying to conjure funds out of thin air. I'm doing my best to get to everything, but it's going to be slow and arduous going for me for a while yet.

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