Wednesday, March 22, 2017

There are other options. We are not quitting.

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After more than a day, WePay (which cannot really be divorced from its relationship with YouCaring, which pushes people to use its service), sent me a snotty and utterly nonresponsive "response" that tells me they have no legitimate answer for why they've canceled our account. They seem to be trying to accuse us of violating their TOS without actually coming out and saying so in so many words (because of course they can't do that, because we explicitly have not done so; there is absolutely nothing in their TOS that our fundraiser transgresses). It's all weasel words with no substance to it, but they're refusing to back down and correct what is unquestionably an error (I won't call it malice on their part).

But speaking of malice . . . . To the person who created this mess with a fraudulent "report," just know this: I prayed for you this morning. I prayed that you would find whatever is so lacking in your life, whatever it is that you need to heal what is so obviously broken in you, so that you can focus on living your own life, hopefully with great joy and fulfillment, instead of wasting your time and effort trying to harm us. ::Shrug:: it's not as though it will work anyway. We are going to finish this; we are going to have a home; we are going to be safe and no longer at risk. I have far more experience (a lifetime, in fact) in resisting and outlasting abuse than you will ever have in inflicting it.

To everyone else, no, I'm not going to appeal or contest it. Fuck 'em. Life's too short to deal with people and entities who operate in bad faith, and I have far too much on my shoulders right now to waste another second on them. So I guess it's PayPal; that link is here. The link to Wings's site for sales is here. The link to the wishlist for Lowe's cards is here. And the donors who were treated so shabbily by WePay have done as they intended all along, so out of the $30K goal, we've raised $1,100 so far. And we are profoundly grateful to you both, and to everyone else who continues to support our efforts, with shares and good wishes and moral support and everything else.

Now, I have to go produce dinner on this sorry excuse for a stove, and maybe find something to take the edge off this migraine.

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