Friday, March 17, 2017

Phase I on the wiring fix is done (and cash down on it). Painting this weekend. Shares & sales needed.

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Now that up there IS a new photo. Wings took it with his phone, because I still can't do anything with either photos or e-mail on my laptop (or much else, for that matter).

That's one of the fixes by the latest electrician. We gave him his deposit today, roughly a third down, and he took care of all the stuff that absolutely had to be done before the guys start the interior plasterwork next week. He'll have to come back and do the exterior upstairs (where the balcony goes) before they can do the exterior plastering, but that's down the road a bit yet, and the topping out is father away yet.

It didn't start all that smoothly, though. In fact, it started off so badly that it effed up my entire schedule today, I got nothing done hat I'd intended to do, and I was ready to fire him before he even got started. We've been jerked around on this more than enough, and if you're going to be two hours late, you ARE going to do us the professional courtesy of calling and explaining. In advance.

We got that ironed out.

There were other things to iron out today, too, unrelated to the house. We got that done, too. Thanks to that small accomplishment, it will make the next three days a little easier than they would otherwise have been, so there's that. But I got no painting done today, and I plan to spend most of tomorrow and Sunday on that. We're still weeks behind on it.

Three days from now, the new third man on the crew starts work. Which means, of course, that our labor costs go right back up again. One blessed week of a two-man crew, but it gets much more expensive again on Monday. I had planned on getting the new Y/C page up on Monday, but my morning is already taken up and then some, so that may not happen. Regardless, folks can help by sharing the link to Wings's site, and, of course, to the wishlist. The Lowe's cards are invaluable right now, but what will help the most is sales. Yes, this is the worst time of year, sales-wise, which simply means that I need to get Wings's work out in front of more people. Shares help us do that.

If all goes well  — which I realize at this point is a big if — I'll be out and upstairs painting by mid-morning, and will be at it all day. It takes me a lot longer to do everything right now; still coughing, still short of breath. But I do still have to make sales to keep everything moving, so the more folks can share the links, the better.

Thanks, everyone.

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