Thursday, March 16, 2017

Painting back under way. Rewiring (& $$ outlay) begins tomorrow. Shares needed.

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No, the ceiling doesn't look like that anymore. It's been textured completely, and we've also primed it already — that last, a full month ago. But it's indicative of what's in the works now.

While the horse vet was here this morning (nothing major; vaxes, deworming, and a check of Miskwaki's hoof, because he's gimpy), I resumed painting the second coat in the upstairs bath. I got most of it done' all that remains of this coat is a 12- to 18-inch band all the way around the top (higher as the roof slopes upward). I can finish that tomorrow at some point, and once that dries, the third and final coat goes on.

I'm wiped.

I expected a month of full-blown pneumonia to do some damage, but I was completely unprepared for the loss of physical strength that's gone with it. And neither of us is completely over it yet; we're both still coughing, and the lack of energy and stamina is really starting to wear on us both. [Then again, one of the locals out here where we live contracted pneumonia back at the same time we first came down with the bug, late fall, and he was gone by the holidays, so I guess it's blessings-counting time.]

Anyway, horses are handled for now; upstairs bath will, if I'm lucky, be fully painted by the end of the weekend; and the electrician arrives tomorrow to do prep work in advance of the plastering and relieve us of a big chunk of money. On Monday, we have external stuff to deal with the first half of the day, and meanwhile, the third crew member comes on board to help finish the lath work and start the plastering. The rest of this month will be both incredibly busy and incredibly costly.

Yes, I'll get the new page up over the next week. There won't be time this weekend, and likely not Monday, but we'll see. We'd rather make sales anyway, and Wings has new work out, which I'll feature on Saturday, Sunday, next Wednesday, and the following weekend, too, if all goes as planned. He's also got some seriously spectacular work on the site already, so sharing that link helps a lot. So does sharing the wishlist for the Lowe's cards, which help us divert our cash to the materials purchases we have to make locally and, most significantly, to the labor costs (which never seem to end, and in fact will only go up, what with the plasterwork, the wiring, and the plumbing that remains to be done). 

We had a bunch of errands to run today, too, and it was actually good to have been swamped with tasks; this date is not an especially happy one. Tonight is a nine-year marker for Wings specifically; eleven months ago this evening, we also lost the floppy-eared boy who was our life. I have another marker coming up in just over a week, an especially hard one. March and April are difficult months. Distraction is good right now, and maybe it's for the best that we're both so busy and simultaneously so exhausted. But the cash outlay begins anew tomorrow, and there's a lot more to come, so sharing the links above will help a lot.

Thanks, everybody. I'm likely out for the night.

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