Sunday, March 19, 2017

Master bath painted. Interior plaster begins tomorrow. Shares needed.

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Okay, it took me, oh, probably the better part of an hour, but I finally figured out how I dealt with yesterday's tablet photos. Not that I'll remember again tomorrow or anything. Anyway, the upstairs bath is now painted (I may need to touch up the edging once the tape comes the ceiling; we'll see), and this is it, although admittedly you can't tell much with the glare of the sun.

Here's what the finish looks like up close, with the pearlescent white glaze added (it looks extra-white toward the right because that's right next to the window with the light streaming in):
Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.

Yeah, I'm happy with it, and also not happy, because I notice every flaw in it and I'm my own worst critic. But Wings absolutely loves it, and that's all I need. Also, too, once the fixtures and the cabinets are installed, and we have a plant or two in there and Native art on the walls, no one will be able to see all the little variances that bug me, so . . . .

Tomorrow, Clarence joins the crew; he's an expert mason, with a lot of experience in plasterwork. They'll finish lathing the downstairs, and start the actual plastering either tomorrow or Tuesday. I know the house looks large in the photos, because there's no real frame of reference, but it's actually quite small, and once they get started, it won't take them long. They'll be done sometime next week, if all goes smoothly.

Then, if the weather holds, we'll likely switch to the exterior plaster. It only needs to be in the mid-fifties, and for more than a week, our highs have been getting well into the seventies, with the exception of the end of next week (when the guys aren't working anyway), all should be fine.

Also expensive.

I will be tied up all of tomorrow morning; I likely won't have the post at Wings's site up until late in the day, and may not have the new YouCaring page (which will need a large goal) up at all. Then again, it may all go spectacularly smoothly and I may get everything done early on; there's no way to tell yet. Of course, everything's late today, too, so what do I know?

But I do know that we need sales, and that means that we need shares of his site. We have a brand new work (earrings!) up this evening; they're amazing, and they need a new home. We also need shares of the wishlist, because I'm going to have to order flooring and tile and a frickin' water heater far sooner than I'd like — oh, dear god, I just realized that they may need to install the water heater before they can finish plastering the utility room, so that's an easy more-than-a-grand this week on that alone — and the Lowe's cards that are on that list will help defray those expenses significantly, allowing us to put as much of the funds from sales toward labor.

I am still way, way, WAY behind, and it will be that way for some time yet. For this week, things may begin to ease off a bit on Tuesday (although they'll start bearing down on me again next week). Then again, they may not. I'm still struggling with the laptop and a lack of functional e-mail, so please bear with me.

And please share the links. Thanks, everyone.

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