Thursday, April 20, 2017

A long and stressful day, with not much to report. Shares still needed.

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Yeah, that photo's from yesterday. We've had to be out all day long (long-distance medical appointment), and we're both beat. Speaking of which, however, we did also beat the storm home, so there's that (such as it is; the wind and rain we just got might be all we get).

At any rate, apologies, but I'm too tired for anything more than cut and paste tonight, so here are the links to share:
  • Wings's PayPal account, for donations to the house fund. [As I said last night, my best estimate on what's been raised so far on this $30K stage is $7,500, leaving a balance yet to raise of $22,500. $7K+ of that is going to have to be reserved for the septic, and labor's eating us alive on the daily, so that's going to mean a lot of juggling.] If that link doesn't work, it's tied to his e-mail address: wingsoftaos [at] newmex [dot] com. Also, that link? It's a direct one now, rather than via the "Donate" button, so it should work better.
  • His Web site, for sales (always preferable, and the base upon which the whole project hinges anyway, along with paying our day-to-day living expenses) — and just by the way, he's got some really incredible new works up now.
  • Our Amazon wishlist, which contains Lowe's cards that will allow us to purchase some materials more cheaply than here in town, and also allow us to divert the extra funds to labor costs.
Again, I'm sorry it's not more of an update. I've been up since before five, and on the run for most of what has also been an otherwise-stressful day. For now, much love and gratitude to everyone.

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