Sunday, April 9, 2017

Out of order, and no painting today. Shares needed.

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Taking things out of order again today, for a couple of reasons: First, Wings may — may — have a new work completed late in the day, and I'm waiting to see whether I can feature it or I'll need to use an existing piece for today's post. If it's not done by evening, it'll probably be ready for Wednesday's post. It's fabulous. 

Second, no painting is happening today. We have high winds, which are always the absolute worst for my autoimmune disease. I can deal with heat, cold, rain, snow, ice, you name it (maybe not comfortably, but I can deal), but the wind jacks my pain to levels where I simply cannot function. On top of that, I've been pushing my body too far and too hard lately, and I'm not even fully clear of the effects of the pneumonia yet. My pain levels are completely out of control today, and so I'm listening to my body (and to Wings) and giving it a little bit of a rest. I'm also buried under a ton of other stuff that needs doing, so I'm working at whittling down that pile of stressors right now.

Which means, yes, that that photo up above is from yesterday. It's a close-up of what the turquoise over copper over charcoal looks like. It'll be Thursday at the very earliest before I can get back to it, but at least the practice run is done.

We need sales and shares. Lots of them. We can cover labor this week, but not much in the way of materials; we don't even have labor funded beyond Wednesday. Which means that this whole stressful cycle has already started over again for me: chasing funding to keep the crew working, and keep progress moving on the construction. Shocker that my health is suffering so badly [/sarcasm]. But as long as it's not at the move-in stage — and, more to the point, as long as we're stuck in this toxic tin can — my health is going to get progressively worse. For some people, I realize, that's probably good news; even so, it's adversely affecting Wings's health, too. So I have to keep pushing forward, even when it's only by inches.

Anyway, shares — here are the links: 
  • Wings's PayPal account, for donations to the house fund (I'm told we got another $25 in overnight, to take us to a balance of an even $26,000. If that link doesn't work, it's tied to his e-mail address: wingsoftaos [at] newmex [dot] com. Also, that link? It's a direct one now, rather than via the "Donate" button, so it should work better.
  • His Web site, for sales (always preferable, and the base upon which the whole project hinges anyway, along with paying our day-to-day living expenses) — and just by the way, he's got some really incredible new works up now.
  • Our Amazon wishlist, which contains Lowe's cards that will allow us to purchase some materials more cheaply than here in town, and also allow us to divert the extra funds to labor costs.
I have to get back to work on other fronts, but as I've said so many times, profound thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far. I hope we can make it a little farther as the week progresses. 

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