Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Up early and tapped out. Shares desperately needed.

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Quick and dirty and early today because the pressure's on. [If I get a chance, I might change out the photo later for one from today, but I may not have either the time or the peace of mind to deal with it.]

We are going to make payroll this week by the skin of our teeth, and nothing else. I mean NOTHING else. Wings's SS, which was deposited today? Already gone; spoken for for the house and for the electric company and his phone. The rest of that last sale? Shade's wire cuts. We are tapped out. Completely.

The guys have so much work to do, and they're all ready to come back on Monday, and we'd like to be able to do that. But without cash flow, we have to lay them off. And now that the weather's warming up, the risk of losing them to other long-term jobs becomes much more acute.

I know people are tired of hearing me beg for shares. You know what? Not one-millionth as tired as I am of asking for them. I've been at this so long, my life is nothing but labor and chasing funding, and the stress is . . . well, let's just say I've been very silent about my actual health issues, but some are rather acute at this point. Nothing changes without my stress levels easing off. That doesn't change until we get this house completed. [And I still can't stand up straight, bend over, or walk properly, either.]

So PLEASE: Share our links. Yes, I'm begging. I've got to get this off our shoulders before it kills us, and the next five days are going to be extraordinarily difficult for me as it is, trying to squeeze blood out of the proverbial stone. There's nothing there, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it except this. We need shares, and we need sales, and the only way that happens is to get the links in front of as many people as possible. Here they are:
  • Wings's PayPal account, for donations to the house fund (out of a $30K goal, we've raised an even $4 grand, leaving a balance yet to raise of $26,000). If that link doesn't work, it's tied to his e-mail address: wingsoftaos [at] newmex [dot] com. Also, that link? It's a direct one now, rather than via the "Donate" button, so it should work better.
  • His Web site, for sales (always preferable, and the base upon which the whole project hinges anyway, along with paying our day-to-day living expenses) — and just by the way, he's got some really incredible new works up now.
  • Our Amazon wishlist, which contains Lowe's cards that will allow us to purchase some materials more cheaply than here in town, and also allow us to divert the extra funds to labor costs.
Many thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far. I'm sorry this post is so negative, but I'm at the end of my rope on this, and there's still so very, very far for us to go.

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