Thursday, April 6, 2017

Progress, on a couple of fronts. Shares still needed.

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I'm hobbling badly now, but I managed to do it: I got the second color coat on all the walls of the master bedroom. That's it up there, and it's a lot more involved than simply rolling it on; I sponged on the copper by hand in small segments all the way around, from ceiling to floor. And I did it all today.

I'm paying for it now, natch.

Turquoise tomorrow, most likely rolled on and lightly sponged off. I may not get through all of that in one day, because it'll take more attention to detail (and a hell of a lot of labor by my very tired self), but I'll at least get it under way. The room will start looking a whole lot brighter, too.

We owe special thanks to four people, one for a sale and three for donations yesterday (well, one was overnight). Because of you folks, we should be able to cover labor next week, and the amount of immediate stress that lifts from my shoulders is immeasurable right now. Being able to buy materials is still questionable, but at least the plasterwork can continue. What they've done so far is already dry on the surface, but it'll have to cure, and next week, they'll start the scratch coat on the drywalled areas that [mostly] don't require lath work underneath.

But there's so much to do yet: so much labor, and so much in the way of materials costs. We need consistent shares:
  • Wings's PayPal account, for donations to the house fund (out of a current $30K goal, we were blessed with $1,175 in donations yesterday/last night, lowering the balance to $26,025. If that link doesn't work, it's tied to his e-mail address: wingsoftaos [at] newmex [dot] com.
  • His Web site, for sales (always preferable, and the base upon which the whole project hinges anyway, along with paying our day-to-day living expenses) — and just by the way, he's got some really incredible new works up now.
  • Our Amazon wishlist, which contains Lowe's cards that will allow us to purchase some materials more cheaply than here in town, and also allow us to divert the extra funds to labor costs.
I'm still shocked that I got as far as I did today; it promises to make the weekend go more smoothly than I could have anticipated (with regard to getting the painting finished for that room). I'm absolutely wiped, but I'll push through the next steps as much as I can tomorrow. For tonight, profound thanks to everyone who's helped us get this far, and a little farther for next week, too. I hope we make it. 

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