Sunday, April 16, 2017

Griffin. Our spirit and our light, one year on.

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I have been dreading this day for so long. This date, one year ago, proved to be one of the worst days of my life. 

It was the day Griffin left us.

It should not have been unexpected; after all, for a dog of his breed and size and age, he lived to be roughly 107 in human years. And yet, we were completely unprepared. I was unprepared. No one will understand what I mean when I say this, but Griffin was my soul mate and spirit guide, the one being other than Wings to whom I was most connected in this life.

He had a good life. He had it with the person he chose. He also made room in his heart for Wings, adopting him as his own charge as well. And in the year just past, despite no longer being with us in body, we feel him with us, and his spirit returns occasionally in more obvious (if not as recognizeable) form. he is still our guardian and guide, our spirit and our light, and he always will be. 

At 5:00, which was the moment on this day that his spirit began its journey last year, I took him cedar and tobacco and sweetgrass and fresh water. Wings gave him some flat cedar yesterday. And I still feel him, and I still see him out of the corner of my eye at unexpected times. He visits me in my dreams only rarely, but when he does, it is a gift beyond all value or description.

I had planned to write about who he was, because he was the rarest of dogs, one with utterly human sensibilities and a clear strong spirit that transcended anything either of us had ever known. But tonight, I think he just wants to be remembered as he was, and is.

We love you, Griffin, our spirit and our light.

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