Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thank you all.

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Two sales, one installment on a commission, and three donations later, and we are good for tomorrow and the weekend. Wings has already notified Sherm that, weather permitting, he and his helper can finish the scratch and start the color coat first thing Saturday morning. 

I say weather permitting, because we now have a winer storm watch for all of Saturday and the early hours of Sunday, and we supposedly have smaller amounts of rain and snow on the way tonight and tomorrow, too. The wind is howling, and the violet-blue clouds are massing in the west, so it looks as though they may be right. If so, it may not be warm enough this weekend for them to do the work, even with heaters on in there; the guys tell me that the Structo's consistency is different from what it used to be (along with color, dry time, and some other things), and it's hard enough to work with on a warm day.

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.

I couldn't get away today to run any errands, but while I was stuck here this afternoon I was at least able to start the base color coat in the small bedroom, which is what you see at top. I managed to get all four walls done, except for edging; that and the ceiling will have to be done tomorrow, but it looks like we'll need another gallon of paint. The texture on the drywall is such that it used up just enough more than I could predict, and I think we will be just slightly short. 

The image just above is my scrap drywall that I'm using to determine the order of the layers, so the brown and red are on it (along with the sunlight from the west window, which turns the paint to that golden glow). The brown is a rich warm brown with some cool cadet blue undertones; the red is brilliant crimson. Tomorrow, my scrap will be dry, and I'll be able to figure out whether the bronze will be the second coat and the red the final one, or vice versa. We'll also be swinging by the post office to ship some orders, and by the clay colorist's to pick up the pigment for the plaster. The mica showed up today via UPS, so I think we're set for the weekend, if the weather cooperates.

Thanks to y'all. If it hadn't been for you, I'd be trying to explain to a bunch of different people why they should be willing to wait until next week for payment, and they would be very unhappy (because I'd be unhappy, too — hell, I was already unhappy, because we hate being late or making people wait for what they're owed). But thanks to you, and you know who you are, right now my biggest obstacle going into this weekend is battling my remnant pneumonia, and I'm starting to get used to that, I think. Much gratitude, and much love, from both of us.

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