Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Electric pushed to next week. Progress on the downstairs details, though.

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Apparently Victor got delayed on an out-of-town job, so he had to reschedule. We're having him come out on Monday instead. Which now also turns out to be the same day the horse vet will be out to do a blood panel on Shade, because she's having inflammatory reactions that, with her genetic and medical history (a mother with severe founder and Cushing's, and laminitis in her own right front), mean that we need to keep on top of the risk of both Cushing's and insulin resistance.

In the meantime, the progress may not look like much from the outside, but the guys began a couple of big things today. First, they put the first coat of stain on the first two of the interior doors, and Tony also began staining the window trim in the ground floor interior. Second, they did this:

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.
Yeah, I know; to most people, it probably looks no different from the last image I posted showing the downstairs bath plasterwork. But see that darker edge around the doorway? That's the brand-new door frame that they built today. They got the one for the utility room done, too, and got them both stained.

Tony's off next week; he has family coming into town. Reynaldo will be here to continue the woodwork, though. We'll also likely have Sherm's crew, unless they get it all finished this weekend; Victor, to finish off the wiring; and if we can get all the flooring yet this week, Floyd and Gary will do the downstairs tile. And once again, it'll start looking very different very fast.

For tonight, I've got to get a jump on some of the week's posts for Wings's site. I need to spend all of tomorrow trying to get the rest of the gardens in (or as much as humanly possible, anyway), and I have to get caught up on a bunch of other tasks, too.

Many thanks to all. More updates tomorrow, if all goes well.

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