Thursday, June 29, 2017

The smoke is back. Progress is slow, but it's happening.

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That's from yesterday — the trimwork on the west window in my writing refuge. Nothing new to show today, because no one was here — including us, because we spent the day in town running errands too long delayed. Among them, kibble for our dogs and for the two starving ones that show up daily like clockwork. It's been crazybusy, and the smoke is back with a vengeance, and all Wings could say all day is "Your eyes are so red!"  They itch like crazy, and it's the smoke causing it. Can't breathe right, either.

I was so beat last night that I never got to the materials orders, so I'm taking care of that tonight ::crosses fingers::. The guy who was supposed to cut and bale has apparently himself bailed (since the idea was for him to work off his 4-figure debt that way), and so we've had to make new arrangements, which means paying for it, and which means delaying it and hoping we beat the rain. In the meantime, I'll be trying to get most of the rest of the garden in tomorrow ::crosses fingers again::. Please, please none of this smoke ish tomorrow, mmmkay?

If all goes as planned, we'll have all the flooring by Monday, and Floyd and Gary can start the downstairs. Sherm and his crew will be here all weekend, so we might might  have the interior plaster all done by Monday. Or not. Ice is supposed to come tomorrow to take care of the texture touchup on the stairwell, and then I can paint it next week. 

For now, we still have preggo pup and her man coming over twice a day (at least); the teenage magpies are learning to fly (and this morning, in one case, to swim); the chipmunk has shown up at the bird feeder for three days straight now (we've always had them, but never seen them); and Ginger is still egg-bound, but moving a bit better today after we worked on her this morning (trust me; it's TMI, and you don't want to know). And the man's birthday is coming up, and I have to decide what to give him besides the horribly off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday" that he demands every year.

And with that, I have to get back to work. No rest for the . . . something. Many thanks and much love to everyone.

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  1. Hey, 2 boxes on the way, unless 1 already arrived today. Fingers crossed that both arrive intact, glass containers in both. various sorts of jam, maple syrup, blood orange oil, etc.