Saturday, June 17, 2017

Some progress, but still stuck in this tin can oven; it's 93 with smoke everywhere. Shares needed.

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Yeah, it's not a good picture, but the lighting's difficult this time of day, made worse by the fact that it's 93 degrees and the smoke is choking everything (including me). That photo is of the utility room, which Sherm and Miguel finished today. They still have to do the downstairs bath, the work around the vigas, and the south wall, that last of which has to be done all in one shot, no interruptions, so they're saving it for last.

This tin can is an oven, but it's too smoky to spend any time outside beyond what's absolutely necessary. And yes, it's so hot that we have no choice but to have the windows open in here with the fans going — there's no air conditioning in this thing, either — so we're getting the smoke anyway. So my brain's not working especially well at this point, which means the rest is cut and paste from yesterday (and we've put a $70 dent in the $2,500 mini-goal, so the total left on this segment is $2,430):
I'm going back to setting mini-goals. We have SO much ahead of us that needs to be crammed into a very short time frame for completion, and it's going to be so hideously expensive, that I'm going to shoot for specific amounts rather than the ad hoc way I've been approaching it lately. We'll have $4K to shell out on July 1st for the exterior plaster, and between now and then, the upstairs balcony needs to be done, and we have to get the stucco. I'm estimating (and this is conservative) $2,500. That's the current mini-goal. So please, please, PLEASE share all the links below, because I really need to push us through this last ungodly phase. We both need it, for our health above all else. Here are the links:
  • First, to donate, the PayPal link is here
  • Second, for sales (which we really need to make, and I'll be highlighting some of his high-end stuff on the site this week), the link to Wings's site (preferably with a testimonial, if you have some of his work), because sales are gonna keep this thing rolling. 
  • And finally, the link to our wishlist (which badly needs updating), with an emphasis on the Lowe's gift cards, because those are what will help us pay for all the stuff that will make this place liveable, like a water heater and flooring and so forth. [Shout-out also to the generous person (tm, maybe?) who bought the molasses, which is how we medicate the horses, and to the three folks who sent Lowe's gift cards.] A note here: To tile the downstairs, we'll need to go to Home Depot, which doesn't sell gift cards through Amazon; they can be purchased through the company's Web site here.
Many thanks and much love to everyone. I have to go help out with muck duty now, and then a whole lot of other labor thereafter left for tonight.

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