Friday, June 30, 2017

Irritants, and new work on multiple fronts.

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Yeah, I'm just posting that one again because I like the view. By the way, all those aspens out the window? Those all cropped up after the old manufactured home was hauled out from under us. We now have an extra stand right behind the house.

Today was irritating in the extreme. River, the kid who works helping Wings with heavy labor, couldn't make it due to a time-consuming (for Wings) mix-up. Ice just simply never showed up. I really dislike being in forced wait mode only to have it be for nothing, especially when I have this much shit to do and I'm this far behind on all of it. Three other people aren't responding in any kind of timely fashion (or at all), and I'm about ready to have some words for some folks. Fortunately, Sherm is not among them, and he and his crew will be here tomorrow, hopefully to finish up the interior plaster this weekend. 

On the plus side, I got all the rest of the corn planted, and most of the beans and squash. The rest will have to wait until later, because tomorrow will be crazybusy. On the minus side, the day was so screwed up that I only just now got a shower (although I was here doing seriously grubby stuff all day long, so it's uncomfortable, but not, you know, all that big a deal). On the sort of break-even side, there's been no appreciable change in Ginger's condition: still egg-bound, which is bad; a little more mobile and alert, which is good. It's going to be touch and go until (unless) she passes it, though, and there are no guaranteed outcomes for this sort of thing. Which is to say, she can use any good vibes ya got right now.

Tomorrow, Wings's site will likely feature an existing piece, unless our schedule changes drastically. If it does change, tomorrow will have an all-new work, and it's absolutely fabulous, and there are one or two of you out there who are going to hear its song from the moment you see it, I promise (no, no siren and no dashing upon the rocks; just beauty and spirit). But expect it more likely for Sunday.

Now, back to work for me. I hope by Monday I have some materials photos to show here. If I do, it should be pretty cool, although it'll be a lot cooler yet once they're all installed. Love and thanks to everyone.

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