Saturday, June 24, 2017

Still no words, but lots of activity lined up.

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I still have no words.

Folks have continued to kick in, and come Monday, we'll be able to have the crew start work on some things we've had to delay up until now. Someone who owes us a sizeable amount is going to work it off by cutting and baling our hay, and they'll drop it on Wednesday. And today, our most recent sale cleared, which enabled us to pay for and pick up a materials order, and pay one of the guys for a day he worked early in the week (he's been off dealing with family stuff since then, but this way, he's paid up for the week).

Today was a very different day from yesterday.

We are mounting the next all-out push to get as much done as we can with the resources raised, beginning on Monday. Which mans that we'll both be swamped all week, but it'll be the productive kind of swamped, at least. And very soon, we'll have to run down to Lowe's and Home Depot to trade in gift cards for as much flooring as we can. In the meantime, if folks would continue to share the links on a consistent basis, we'd both be grateful. I know there are a lot of folks in need out there, but getting the sales and wishlist links in front of new folks will always be helpful (the Home Depot and Lowe's cards are especially useful, because they free up cash to go for labor and the materials that have to be bought locally, and a lot of those kinds of purchases will be coming up in the next two weeks). Here they are (it's all cut and paste):
  • First, to donate, the PayPal link is here
  • Second, for sales (which we really need to make, and I'll be highlighting some of his high-end stuff on the site this week), the link to Wings's site (preferably with a testimonial, if you have some of his work), because sales are gonna keep this thing rolling. 
  • And finally, the link to our wishlist (which badly needs updating), with an emphasis on the Lowe's gift cards, because those are what will help us pay for all the stuff that will make this place liveable, like a water heater and flooring and so forth. A note here: To tile the downstairs, we'll need to go to Home Depot, which doesn't sell gift cards through Amazon; they can be purchased through the company's Web site here (and thank you to the generous folks who sent the e-card version a little while ago).
Many thanks and much love to everyone for getting us this far. Still a lot of smoke free-floating in the air, but tomorrow we're supposed to get rain, which should tamp some of that down again. And as I said last night, y'all have pulled me up out of complete despair and made me think that, yes, maybe we can do some more of this, after all. Thank you, from both of us, from the bottom of our hearts.

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