Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Upstairs flooring, downstairs doors, knobs, lights, circulation. Share and sales both needed.

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Good lord, this day. I have been on the run since about 6:30, with almost no cessation. Okay, well, on the hobble, shall we say. "Run" is overly generous by several orders of magnitude right now.

The hardwood flooring is here. Engineered hardwood, I should add; it's far, FAR less expensive than regular hardwood, and the one we chose wound up being quite a bit cheaper even than the vinyl laminate. That's it up there. We also wound up with extra moldings, both too much of one and one that we ultimately didn't need, so those will have to go back. We were going to use it on the stairs (and were missing the stair nose moldings), but we've decided instead that the guys will replace some of the steps, add the risers, sand them, stain them, and seal them into something that matches both the flooring and the woodwork. Less expensive, and no worries about the labor involved in cutting the planks into odd shapes and sizes to fit the outside of the stairs.

We got a few other things today, too. First, in terms of labor, the downstairs doors:

Photo copyright Aji, 2017;
all rights reserved.

That's the door to the downstairs bath; they also hung the one to the utility room. I think that color goes well with the plaster. They spent the rest of the day cutting and staining and sealing the wood to trim out all the doors, upstairs and downstairs.

Speaking of doors, the interior doorknob assemblies also came in today. So did three of the light fixtures: one track light assembly (that's the one that was supposed to be delivered yesterday, except that UPS stuck it on the wrong truck, and the driver kept insisting that our address was incorrect; I spent an hour going around and around with them online last night), and two ceiling fans. The ceiling fans are also overhead lights; we made the decision to invest in three good-quality fans to help pull the heat upward to the second level. We will not have electric or gas heat, only our two existing woodstoves, and these, combined with the adobe lower story, will help push the heat upward to keep the bedroom and other upstairs rooms warm in the winter. And, of course, in the summer, they'll keep the air circulating. It's a hell of a lot less expensive than either electric heat or air conditioning, believe me.

We did not, once again, get back to sorting the tile. That has to be done tomorrow; no question. That's what we're planning on spending most of the day on, except for a late-day visit from the horse vet, who will be bringing some eye ointment for Shade and also the instructions and the butcher's bill for the latest: Shade needs allergy shots. No, I have no idea what that's going to set us back. Today I was busy taking care of the formerly-pregnant puppygirl who has adopted us; she has a hugely swollen area on the right side of and below her jaw. I suspect a bite from another dog that got infected, but it's only a guess. Meanwhile, she has to be taken care of, and we stock animal meds, so I got some into her.  
And as I've been saying (yeah, I know, I know, ad nauseum), we have a ton of other tasks waiting for us both, too. And an equal amount of expense. Labor is killing us (said every homebuilder or remodeler ever), and we need to save on materials wherever we can. So: shares of Wings's site for sale, and shares of our wishlist for Lowe's and Home Depot cards. the latter are not actually on the Amazon wishlist (they're only available direct from the company), but the link is below along with the others, so please share them all:
  • Wings's site, for sales;
  • Lowe's cards (the physical version) via our Amazon wishlist;
  • Lowe's e-cards (delivered via e-mail) here; and
  • Home Depot cards via the company site. The e-version using my e-mail address is great; I take the tablet to the store with me, and they scan it off the screen.
For tonight, it's more rain (allegedly), more work (definitely), and a desperate need to drum up some sales over the next few days. Anything y'all can do to help with that by way of sharing, we'd be grateful.

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