Sunday, August 6, 2017

White Spirits, Great and Small

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Today was much more horrible than yesterday.

Right now, I need to remember my beautiful boy as he really was, the way he was on his best days with us. This was not that, but it's still my boys in the photo up there. We both also really need rest — better yet, actual sleep, although I'm not hopeful for myself on that score. Many thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts and wishes; I'm sorry that I don't have it in me right now to respond, but my heart is in pieces. I also don't have it in me to go through the drill beyond cutting and pasting the links, so here they are:
  • Wings's site, for sales;
  • Lowe's cards (the physical version) via our Amazon wishlist;
  • Lowe's e-cards (delivered via e-mail) here; and
  • Home Depot cards via the company site. The e-version using my e-mail address is great; I take the tablet to the store with me, and they scan it off the screen.
Wings and I had to go outside again this evening to check a few things, and as we were just about to head back in, he pointed to the dead aspen (blown down in the storm the other day) now propped against the chicken run fence next to the horses' pens. Atop it sat the tiniest bird I've ever seen outside of a hummingbird. I would've thought it was an unusually small goldfinch, but it was white. There's no such bird here. Especially not one with dark blue-gray underfeathers. Sort of like our white horse with the blue-tick undercoat. He chirped and skreed, looked straight at us, and then flew off northward in a flurry of white. Ice began his journey only this morning, but maybe he's already powerful enough to say good night by way of a tiny white bird.

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