Wednesday, July 5, 2017

92, and rain on the hay. Changes and no-shows and the end of my patience.

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Another view of yesterday's work. No crew today, although the guys will be back over the weekend to finish the bancos and begin sealing it all. Exterior is being bumped to next week, as is the septic system disaster (which they are fixing, but it's a little hard to mention something of this magnitude without somehow noting that it's a complete clusterfuck at the moment).

The electrician didn't show, and I'm about done with some of this stuff. It's 92, half the hay is still out in the field, and we're about to get more rain from the sound of things, and I'm really getting tired of being jerked around by contractors. We may need to have a discussion with a few folks, and by "discussion," I mean be polite but take no shit. Somehow there's this prevailing attitude out there that Wings and I should always be pushovers, and that's not how any of this works. [Yes, this is also an oblique reference to certain others throughout this process.] I have no time and less patience for people blowing smoke or running a game.

And now the frequency of the thunder means I need to go out and check on some things, so I'm out again indefinitely. Back later, if I'm lucky. Or not.

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