Monday, July 3, 2017

Progress! And healthy animals. And a lot of other work.

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Well, today was much better.

First and foremost, all featherbutts remain well and healthy (and furbutts, too). Shade got her blood draw done, and she only fought me when the needle went in. We'll know in a couple of days whether this is just a massive repeat allergic reaction (entirely possible, given the changes in climate, weather, and pollen, and the mutant-sized mosquitoes that are bedeviling us), or something more serious. If it's the former, an allergy panel will come next; if the latter, we'll begin early-stage treatment for what's likely to be Cushing's, insulin resistance, or both. Given her late mother's medical history, the latter would not be a surprise, but we want to catch whatever's catchable as early as possible.

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.

Also, my corn is already coming up! Small green shoots that were not there at dawn were there by late afternoon. Gotta get the rest of the seeds in for everything else. Sadly, not tonight (or tomorrow, either, which is already booked solid). It's a combination of Indian corn; Dakota Black popcorn; and yellow and white sweet corn. Gabriel is here turning the hay, and supposedly planning to bale yet tonight (he dropped it on Saturday). Even if he doesn't get to the baling until tomorrow, at least we won't have to worry about it either burning up or getting soaked in the fields (rains are allegedly going to start on Wednesday, although I'll believe it when I see it).

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Also, we had an almost-full crew today, in spite of everyone. Tony decided to work today and only take off the rest of the week, and he and Reynaldo got some beautiful staining done downstairs. It coordinates really well with the plaster color. Sherm and Miguel got the area around the vigas finished, and it's pretty spectacular, too. Tomorrow, they're going to haul through that south wall (which has to be done all in one shot), and then do the bancos. That shot below is the corner joint on the main beam where it divides the dining area and the kitchen. They do incredibly clean work. They'll seal it all probably over the weekend.

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.
The one negative note had to do with the exterior plasterwork, which is setting us back both time and money. But Sherm will be taking that over, too, and I feel a whole lot more confident about it now. Yes, it'll cost us, because there's an intermediate step that will need to happen, but at least now I feel like it's going to be done right. And Sherm guarantees his work.

Tomorrow night, I should have some cooler pix to post, since the south wall should be done and the bancos at least started (they're positive they'll be done, too). It might be late, though, since what they have on tap for tomorrow will likely take them all day. And the rest of the week, we'll be lining up flooring and plumbing work both of which will probably commence next week.

I have a lot of work remaining tonight (and a massive earache, something I haven't had since I was a kid — apparently a product of a sinus infection, due to all the recent smoke and the pollen and the mosquitoes). I need to get to it, because I'm a little slow and distracted about everything right now. Many thanks to everyone.

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