Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grand Central. Plaster, scaffolds, woodwork, lighting. No rest for the weary (or the wicked, or whatever it is).

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It was Grand Central here today, even though we were out most of the day running too many errands. Randall's showed up an hour and a half early with that up there, which is the Bituthene, Portland cement, Quikrete, and other stuff for the next round of exterior plasterwork. As we were leaving, the plumbers pulled in, but we just left them to it; they were here to plot out the best way to install the evaporative system, and they didn't need us for that.

When we got in this evening, we found this:

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.
and this:

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.
Scaffolds up, and a lot more done on the interior sanding and staining downstairs. Allegedly, the tile arrived at Home Depot today, in which case maybe we'll get really lucky and they'll deliver it yet this week (we need this badly, so whatever good vibes or in with the universe ya got, please send 'em along). Upstairs flooring will theoretically be on order tomorrow, too. In the meantime, we picked up a bunch of the lighting today, so that Victor can start installing the fixtures in the days to come.

Tomorrow will just like today, which means that everything I had scheduled to do? Yeah, that's all shot. I'll be up late again, dealing with a bunch of stuff for the next two weeks' worth of scheduling. And as I said last night, the costs right now are hugely expensive, and we still have upstairs flooring, cabinetry, lighting, and appliances to buy (and a water heater). We're having to police our cash expenditures even more closely than usual, and right now, they're going for labor, plumbing, electric, and plaster, all things that have to be paid in cash. That means that Home Depot and Lowe's cards are still going to be useful for the rest of the materials, so here, once again, are links for those and for sales:
Giftcards for both are very useful right now, but I think at the moment Home Depot wins out in terms of importance. It turns out that those can be sent via e-mail, as e-giftcards, and the store will scan the barcode right off my tablet screen. Much more efficient than sending physical ones. Technology flabbergasts me sometimes. And yet, I still don't have my flying car . . . .

Anyway, no time to fantasize about rocket vehicles; I have to get back to work on really down-to-earth stuff. Many thanks and much love to everyone.

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