Tuesday, July 4, 2017

South wall done! Doors look like glass. Downstairs tile on order.

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It's been a hell of a long, hot, difficult day. We don't celebrate this day, for what should be obvious reasons, but we had to be out in for hours all the same.

At any rate, Sherm and his guys got the entire south wall done, which was a big deal, because it all has to be finished in one shot — no stopping and starting. All that remains are the bancos, and the sealing all of it, which should be done this weekend. And this is what it looks like in the sunset light:

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.

Sun, shadow, and shimmer. That's the mica in the clay. That spot is on the south wall of the dining room, with the light coming in through the side door.

Tony's off, because he has family visiting, but Reynaldo got the doors sealed:

Photo copyright Aji, 2017; all rights reserved.

They look like glass. Amazingly beautiful work.

We managed to get all the rest of the tile ordered, which means everything for the downstairs. It's kind of cool when you surprise the tile specialist by ordering something she didn't even know they carried, something she's now bookmarked for herself. She was pretty cool, too: retired aerospace engineer, planning on moving to Mexico for her permanent retirement one day, and she began everything by showing me a photo of her dog that she had on her phone, so I knew instantly that we could work with her. She told me that she knew she was gonna like working with us as soon as I responded by telling her about our rescue pups. We were both right.

The upstairs flooring is on hold, thanks to a mix-up that kind of defies description, but I tend to think that it wound up being a very bloody inconvenient episode that the spirits sent us to ensure that we dodged a bullet. We're talking to the local guy later in the week, because we think we can probably get better quality installed by him for less, and have the advantage of giving the work (and the profit) to a local small business. There are plenty of other things that we'll need to order from Lowe's, so I'm not too concerned about what comes from where at this point, beyond quality and price and an obvious preference for local small business where it's feasible.

It's allegedly supposed to rain tomorrow (I'll believe it when I see it), and so getting the hay in will be the first order of business. After that, we'll be contacting the local flooring guy and lining up the tile guys for when all of it gets delivered, and a few other things. And I'll be pulling my hair out over looming deadlines.

Speaking of which, I have more work to do tonight, and some research on some other stuff, and I need to get on it. Much love to everyone, and a happy no-scaring-the-animals-with-fireworks night.

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